Bridge connects your clinic’s most used programs inside your EHR — with no additional platform logins required.

Allowing clinics to focus their time on patients, not software.

Arrowhealth Bridge works with any EHR.

Arrowhealth Bridge provides a companion window inside of your EHR, making it a seamless experience.

Clinicians can navigate to their most-used applications without having to leave their current view

Everything you need within arm’s reach

Arrowhealth Bridge connects your clinic’s most-used tools inside a single EHR — with no additional platform logins required.

One click away

Bridge is a platform for apps, tools, and alerts. Bridge delivers a companion window within the EHR that reacts to what you’re doing so you have the exact information you need in the moment you need it.

Practice your way

Rather than being locked into the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to medical software, Bridge allows you to pick and choose which software mix is most helpful.

Data flows

Data stored in your EHR flows seamlessly to connected applications via Bridge. Bridge reduces duplicate data entry by pulling key patient details from the source.

Already signed in

Single-sign-on from your EHR to Bridge applications eliminates the frustration of constantly switching platforms and managing multiple logins and passwords.

Bridge is designed for security, efficiency, and ease of use.

Bridge is a software platform and framework that operates at the browser level. Bridge only runs within your EHR’s secure environment. That secure environment is extended to each application running within Bridge. All services accessed through Bridge securely exit when the user exits the EHR, eliminating the risk of open windows being left unattended.
screenshot of github repo

Bridge SDK

Integrate in hours rather than weeks. The Bridge SDK prepares your application to directly react to hundreds of EHRs upon deployment.

screenshot of bridge open in application

Bridge Developer Studio

View your application instantly within Bridge, choose integration level and see how your deployed application reacts to EHR activity in real time.