beyond clinic walls.

Get real-time data and offer instant feedback between patient visits.

Monitor, message, and track your patients without leaving your EHR.

Tracking patient data for hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other chronic conditions can be done in one space.

We offer a range of devices that don’t need WiFi connection and can be shipped directly to the clinic or patient.
Get direct and secure communication on whatever device a patient prefers.
Connect face-to-face with your patients with integrated video calls that require zero sign-up.
Arrowhealth RPM operates in a companion window within your browser-based EHR.

Extending your clinical support staff

Arrowhealth RPM brings a team of virtual health coaches administrating RPM that serve as an extension of your staff.

Decades of world-class experience
Proactive virtual health coaching
Turnkey service approach

Arrowhealth RPM ROI

Saving time and money

Our dynamic calculator projects the impact Arrowhealth RPM can have on your business.

Arrowhealth RPM automatically calculates time spent on applicable billing codes, allowing our customers to see an average of $155 per patient per month in new clinical revenue.*

*Patient co-pay and deductible may apply for remote patient monitoring services.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) CPT Codes Guide

CPT 99453
Reimbursement Average: $19.03
One-time reimbursement for the initial setup of remote monitoring device(s).

CPT 99454
Reimbursement Average: $55.72
The collection of 16 days worth of vitals over a rolling 30-day period.

CPT 99457
Reimbursement Average: $50.18
Communicating with or monitoring a patient for 20 minutes over a rolling 30-day period.

CPT 99458
Reimbursement Average: $40.84
Each additional 20 minutes of monitoring or communication with an RPM-enrolled patient.

CPT 99091
Reimbursement Average: $56.41
30 minutes of interpretation and review of patient data by a qualified health care professional.

A seamless experience

Seamless tracking and billing

We’ve made billing easier for your clinic with an RPM product that actively tracks, bills and provides an audit trail for the five RPM billing codes.

Simplified alerts and messaging

Automatically trigger custom messages to patients or use our built-in chat and video messages to manually follow up with patients.

One-click patient onboarding

With no extra logins required, the patient enrollment and onboarding process is simple and fast.

“Arrowhealth has been a game changer for our family medicine practice. Foremost, Arrowhealth gives us reliable, real time vital measurements to diagnose hypertension and diabetes and to monitor response to medications. It is patient centered and engages staff in patient care in a way we haven’t experienced before… On the practice management front, reimbursement is strong and it has increased revenues in a substantial way.”

Melissa PA-C at Care Memphis